Subtitling Translators

Cross-cultural sensitivity

Subtitling and captioning at Word Par is done by qualified, experienced and skilled linguists. Translating for subtitles requires distinct translation skills. Subtitling requires a distinct skill set that is a mix of literary and cross-cultural sensitisation especially for films and soft cultural content. Care is taken that the cultural and social nuances of the target culture are understood and respected and messages of the source text are adequately adapted while translating. Idiomatic expressions and functional content is translated appropriately bearing this in mind.

Exposure to both cultures

Our translators and editors are not only linguists but also are travellers and sociologists of sorts, who have close exposure to the culture of both the source and target cultures.

Collaboration of linguists of both languages

Linguists’ translations are often checked by linguists from the target culture, thus making sure that a mother-tongue expertise from both languages and cultures are applied to the final translation.