E-Learning Subtitling

Word Par International provide professional closed captioning and subtitling services for e-learning and online courses. Services are offered at competitive prices, and with fast turnarounds. We take a customized approach to captioning use a writing style and text format congruous with the video content. Adding subtitles to educational videos improves accessibility and effectiveness of online learning material.

In today’s world, users share information instantaneously at their fingertips. Furthermore, the growing popularity of social media and the internet made e-learning a phenomenon to reckon with.

Subtitling e-learning content is essential for the following reasons:

Hearing Difficulties
E-learning subtitles make educational videos accessible to more and more audiences,including people with hearing impairment.

Foreign Language Speakers
Translated subtitles make the informational videos accessible to speakers of foreign languages. Instructional material can therefore be sold and registrations can be obtained from a wider global market.

Downloadable voice-to-text Transcripts
All transcripts are easily convertible to downloadable documents and ready to use transcripts of lectures, discourses and discussions.

Search Engine Optimization
Search engines are able to index closed captions and subtitles and therefore present an opportunity to widen the scope of SEO for your content!