Reaching out to a global audience with your films, documentaries or training videos is now easy, efficient and professionally managed. Word Par International is a world-wide network of translators specializing in translating and subtitling for films and audio-visual media.

At Word Par we handle a range of media formats such as feature films, television serials, documentaries and short films.


From film festivals to commercial distribution, DVD production to resale of distribution rights – for all translation and subtitling requirements, feel free to contact us using the forms provided in your languages. Click on the contact link now and choose your language.

If you are launching a film in Hindi and want it to be translated into other Indian, European, Asian or middle-eastern languages – then Word Par has the solution for you. Reselling or redistributing foreign films in India or in the English-speaking world? No problem, at Word Par we offer a one-stop solution for all your requirements. Simply send us the media file via an FTP link, and your work will be delivered with complete quality checks, editing and time coding within a definite timeframe